Kickboxing is a group of stand-up combat sports based on kicking and punching, practiced for self-defence, general fitness and/or as a contact sport. kickboxing is one of the best workouts for your body. It combines cardio and strength training, toning muscles while burning fat. Kickboxers are reputed to be among the best conditioned athletes. The kickboxing classes allow individuals to learn proper techniques and fight strategy while increasing endurance and strength. The classes focus on building personal goals, using individual strengths and abilities, while increasing self-esteem and capacities.

Ages 6-10, youth 11-13, and adult 14+



To sign up for a class you do so by creating an online account through our website, once you have your login then go to online booking a drop-down menu with all of our classes listed will show or do a search in the search box for boxing and all sessions will show. Select the session you wish to attend and follow the instructions until you get a thank you message. Please make sure to sign the waiver also.

Meet the coach

Gail King
Head Coach

Gail was born in Northumberland, England, where she started her martial arts journey. She didn’t take up Taekwondo until she was 21 but fell in love with the discipline immediately. She trained in England & competed for 11 years in the sport, reaching 3rd Dan Black Belt during that time.

After moving to Canada in 2008, Gail made the switch to kickboxing. Initially, the draw to kickboxing was purely for fitness, but after much deliberation, she decided to start competing in the sport. After her first fight she was hooked. She started attaining success through her passion! Over the years, Gail fought on a provincial, national & international level where she won many awards including Gold at the Arnold Classic. At the height of her fighting career, Gail represented Canada at the World Championship in Italy where she won.

Now happily retired from fighting, Gail’s focus has moved solely to coaching. From helping clients who want to get fit, to fighters aiming for competitive success of their own, her vast amount of experience always brings the best results regardless of the overall goal. To ensure every person receives the best training Gail is always improving her skill set and is currently studying for a diploma in sports & fitness nutrition. Gail is looking forward to passing on her passion for the sport as a coach along with building an amazing team at Valhalla MMA.